Greetings lovebirds!
If you've been given this link, it means two very exciting things. One, you're getting ready to get married! And two, you are interested or have already decided you want me to be the one to document your big day! (Both are so exciting. Seriously.)
Basically what this link means is that I need some questions answered regarding your hitching to your significant other before I can go ahead and give you an offical number/quote on how much everything will cost.
Some questions are more business-y and some are more personal. With these answers, I'll be able to both crunch numbers, AND have the knowledge and foundation of you two so I can tell your snapshot love story in the greatest and sweetest way possible!
So go ahead and please fill out the survey below, and I will get back to you within 3-5 days with a fancy and official wedding photography quote, so you can check one thing off that big list of details you're beginning to sort out for the big day!

Name of Lovebird #1 *
Name of Lovebird #1
Name of Lovebird #2 *
Name of Lovebird #2
Reliable Phone Number *
Reliable Phone Number
(So I've got it on file!)
When's the big day?
When's the big day?
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What kind of photo vibe are you looking for? *
How do you wish to recieve your wedding photos? *
(You can check more than one box. Prices will vary.)