Greetings, you lovebirds, you.
If you're looking at this page, you're within striking distance of your big day.
(Let's all take a deep breath. You can do this.)

This form will help you think through all the details and ask you 12 billion questions so I can make sure I have all my ducks in a row come the morning of your wedding. I'm trying to not shoot down my organizational ducks. At least not yet.

I'm going to quit jibber-jabbering and let you get on with it! You might want a snack, or a favorite record that relaxes you in order to make this experience more fun for you...even though I am sure just being together is enough of a fun experience. (#awhhhhh)

Moving on. Question time.

Let's Make Sure I Know Who YOU Are...
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#FAM Info // ETC. (Re: Pictures)
Only name the folks who will be invovled in group pictures following the ceremony!
(Obviously not straight into a herd of longhorn cattle...)
Post-Ceremony Shot Options (Picture shots, that is...)
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Check all that apply / that you want!
#friendzone // ETC.
I know it's an odd question, but it's up to ya'll!
Which photos are you most looking forward to looking back on? *
I know it's hard to choose just pick your top three!
Think hard about this one, and please - if your answers are different, answer separately. I want to hear both of your hearts on this question.
Be honest.